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TSIT WING Osmanthus Oolong Tea Bag (2.5g X 10pc / pack) (YE16021601)

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Tsit Wing


Tsit Wing, established in 1932, are Hong Kong's leading food & beverage supplier, with retail outlets and operations spanning Asia and North America. From its beginnings as a coffee and tea supplier to the catering market, Tsit Wing has expanded its business range to include coffee shops, distributing branded coffee and tea machines, and supplying instant beverage products to supermarkets.


Tsit Wing International Holding Limited is a Hong Kong-based food and beverages service supplier. The Company has an 80% market coverage that includes hotels, multi-national fast food chains and restaurants. The Company operates in Hong Kong and China. The Company’s products include the specialty coffee series and Hong Kong style milk tea series and its brand, the Supreme series. The Company also covers brands, which include McDonald’s, KFC, Cafe de Coral, Maxim’s, Sheraton Hotel, Harbour Plaza Hotel, The Park Lane Hotel, China Southern Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines.


Tsit Wing Tea Bag Series


1.     Tsit Wing Tea Bag Series is a natural product that use quality large leaf with no extra added additive and preservative.


2.     Pyramid Tea Bag is using food grade PET material from Japan with no bleaching and oxidation process. Better brewing release the taste more effectively.


3.     Tsit Wing Tea Bag passed pesticide and heavy metals test and also possessed HACCP certificate for Quality Assurance.











1.     講天時:講究不同茶種最佳採摘時令和製茶氣候,更對早青、午青、晚青嚴格分開製造。


2.     選地利:嚴格區分不同生長地帶的茶樹,深入原生態茶園,選取優質鮮葉,務求達到最好泡茶效果。


3.     檢人和:製茶如人品,捷榮運用HACCP危害分析管控原則,可溯源至種植源頭。從茶園到茶壺,放心品茗。






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