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Yummi Express -

HK Sauces (Lee Kum Kee)


Since 1999                                                              最新修訂日: 2018年4月23日

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 Cook by Yourself with International Delicious Sauces

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If you want to pay in different currencies, please feel free to contact us. We will send you the bill in specified currencies upon request.


Favourite Recipes




 Quick And Easy Ma Po Tofu (Chinese Character: 麻婆豆腐)


Sweet & Sour Pawn


Two Flavored Fish Fillet


Sweet and Sour Prawn Salad





Spicy Garlic Eggplant


Broccoli Beef





Kung Pao Chicken





Mandarin Orange Chicken





Mongolian Beef





Mu Shu Chicken






Satay Hot Pot Soup






Black Bean Chicken



Black Pepper Chicken


Japanese Black Pepper Chicken


Pork Kebabs in Black Pepper Sauce


Chinese Chicken Salad


Chinese Chicken Salad



Fried Cod Fillet



Fried Cod Fillet



Tasty Fried Rice





Honey Garlic Spare Rib





Lemon Chicken






Orange Flavored Fish Fillet






Oriental Pork Chop


Stir-Fried Beef With Leek






Sweet And Spicy Beef Ribs



Teriyaki Chicken


Teriyaki Eggplant





Tomato Garlic Prawns






Seafood Hot Pot Soup





Sichuan Hot Pot Soup






Fish And Cilantro Hot Pot Soup






Pork Bone Hot Pot Soup





All items are shipped within 2 business days of payment.
We ship WORLDWIDE by Air Mail which would take about 1 to 2 weeks' time!
Shipments are made via Hong Kong Post.
US$2 Registered Mail is optional for customers.
All items are shipped brand new. We would pack with care but are not responsible for breakage or loss. We do not accept returns unless products are received damaged or defective. Please contact us for approval prior to returning any item. There may be a restocking fee for returns.


 Yummi Express - From Hong Kong Delicious Foods

Chris Tsang      Tel: (852) 68555701



Yummi Express - From Hong Kong Delicious Foods


HK Sauces (Lee Kum Kee),


NISSIN Instant CUP Noodles,


NISSIN Instant Demae Ramen (Bowl),


HK Instant Milk Tea (HK Instant Tea with Milk),


LIPTON Tea and Soup,






Pork Luncheon Meat,


Haw Flakes,


Macau Snacks,


Hong Kong Toothpicks





HK-Bird-Nest 香港の燕の巣 燕窩



Chinese Tonic Soup Packs 香港の中藥補品湯包



Herbal Tea (Eu Yan Sang) ハーブティー (余仁生)



HONG KONG Yuhin - Dragon Bread Candy

香港 御軒 龍鬚糖




HK White Flower Embrocation




(虎標萬金油) Tiger Balm (Server 1) (Server 2)



HK Seashell


Hong Kong Panda Bag




Hong Kong Shark Bag

香港 モーンクリエイションズのシャークバッグ



HK Fengshui



HK Stamp Collection Centre



Hong Kong - Chinese Traditional Memorable Custom 香港懷舊網



HK Disneyland Stickers Collection



Hong Kong Family 香港の






HK Baby Powder  (香港 嬰兒爽身粉)



BAWANG Shampoo with Chinese Herbal Extracts

 霸王 中草藥洗髮露



REJOICE Shampoo with Chinese Herbal Extracts 飄柔 中草藥 洗髮露


香港の保済丸 / ポーチャイピル / ぽーちゃいぴる

(保濟丸)Po Chai Pills



Hong Kong Beijing Tongrentang

香港 北京 同仁堂



香港の白鳳丸 Hong Kong - Pak Fung Pills




HK Wai Yuen Tong - Young Yum Pills



HK Abalone 香港のアワビ 缶詰 鮑魚



香港 Hong Kong SK-II



香港 京都 念慈菴 HK Ninjiom